1. Congratulations
  2. I Want A Girl
  3. Gloria
  4. I'll Be Forever Lovin' You
  5. Two People In The World
  6. Let It Please Be You
  7. Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely
  8. Come Go With Me
  9. Don't Say Goodnight
10. Twilight
11. So Much In Love
12. Sincerely
13. At Night
14. Teardrops
15. One Summer Night
16. When I Fall In Love
17. Sideshow
18. The Code Of Love
1. Intro w/Les
2. Little Girl Of Mine
3. Let It Please Be You
4. Never Never
5. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
6. Teardrops
7. Up On The Roof
8. When You Dance
9. People Are Talking
10.My Prayer
11.My Juanita
12.This Is My Love.
13.Trickle Trickle
14.Morse Code Of Love
15.When We Get Married
16.Blue Moon
17.After New Years Eve
!8.A tribute to Tony Acaron

Old School Acappella
More great Doowop Acappella in the Tribunes intimable style.
The real thing from New York. The way it's supposed to sound to all our fans