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The debut performance of our self-penned "Back to the Street Corner Revue" at The Bellmore Theater on October 10, 2015 was a resounding success! The show was quickly sold out, with standing room only. In attendance that night were members of The Capris, The Velours, The Cascades, Little Isidore & The Inquisitors, The Bob Knight Four, The Del Satins and other classic oldies acts. The show opened with our "American Bandstand" teenage dancers, who burned up the stage in preparation for what was soon to follow. Mickey B, "The Prince of Rock & Roll", then recounted the history and early days of street corner singing, which led to a battle of the groups featuring The Tribunes, The Manhattan Skyline and The Devotions. This was our favorite part of the show. While dressed in street clothes, we had the chance to criticize, bad-mouth, scoff at and put down each other in a playful way, while challenging one another for the right to sing on a certain street corner "in the old neighborhood". After the battle of the groups, The Manhattan Skyline and The Devotions delivered truly exciting and electrifying performances, followed by a grand finale featuring all of the groups singing "Rock & Roll is Here to Stay". On behalf of everyone involved in the production of the show, we would like to thank all who shared that special night with us and invite doo wop lovers everywhere to join us at our next performance. Details are being worked out at this time and will be posted on our website when finalized.

With Love,
The Tribunes